Discover Local Artists: Ceramics Holiday Sale

Find the perfect handmade holiday gift — unique bowls, ceramic sculptures, platters, pitchers, cups, mugs and teapots made by 15 professional and student artists at the 8th Annual Ceramic Art Show and Sale, Palm Beach State College, the Art Gallery at Eissey Campus. Mark your calendar for Friday, Dec 2, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday Dec 3, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Ellen Bates

Ellen Bates of Palm Springs is currently exploring the effects of atmospheric firing in both soda and wood kilns. With porcelain as her clay body, she is developing a sense for using various clay slips in combination with thoughtful positioning in the kiln to enhance the decorative effects of flame, soda and wood ash as they mark and glaze the work during firing. “Throughout my career, I have been attracted to a juxtaposition of rustic, earthy, textured or matte glazes with strongly colored clear, silky glazes,” she said.

Soda Fired Sandwich Plate by Ellen Bates, $40.

“I think of this as “precious color,” like a still, turquoise pool in a field of gray volcanic rock, or a surviving red maple leaf after a forest fire. I am experimenting with techniques to add elements of vivid color to the natural, earth tones produced by these firing methods.”

Soda Fired Cheese Plate by Ellen Bates, $40.
Joshua Meives

Joshua Meives of North Palm Beach has always been fascinated by the world around him. Little did he know that his strong tactile nature and love for texture and color as a child would pave the way for the future artist he would become. His first experience on the potter’s wheel at the age of 16 was not as frustrating as it can be for most. As he interacted with the clay, it was then that he became aware of his natural talent and skill.


Joshua Meives’ “Trancendance Tile,” $250.

“I understood that the clay was an extension of my mind as a medium for expression and creativity and with this new understanding, I formed a passion for the act of creating. From then on I’v been captivated by the clay and learned how to throw production quality pieces with artist David Bradley, raku fire with instructor Sue Raymond and I was able to study high-fire wood techniques with Don Bendel in Flagstaff, Arizona.”

Large Bowl by Joshua Meives, $100.

Hoping to perfect his techniques with a strong historical and philosophical foundation Meives graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History with an emphasis in art theory and philosophy from Northern Arizona University. Currently, he continues to cultivate his artistic gifts through different mediums such as music, painting, writing and of course ceramics, all of which can be viewed and are available for purchase on his website

The Art Gallery at Eissey Campus is located in the BB building, 3160 PGA Blvd.  For more information, contact Karla Walter, art gallery specialist, at 561-207-5015.

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