Discover Local Artists: Jason Fleurant

Jason Fleurant

The work of artist Jason “JaFleu” Fleurant will be included at the exhibit, Collaboration Boys to Men Art Expo, 6-9 p.m. on Saturday,¬† July 28 at 809 N. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach.

Jason Fleurant of West Palm Beach is known as the artist, JaFleu. “That is who I am,” he said. “JaFleu was born January 12, 2010, after witnessing the devastation in my homeland, Haiti, after the earthquakes.

“Something was triggered in me. Inspired and hurt by the images flooding the TV and feeling powerless to help, I did something I hadn’t done since freshman year of high school. I started drawing.”

“Pressure her Strength,” oil, 30 by 40 inches, priced at $1,000.

He began by sketching the daily images he saw in the newspaper. “Then I was moved to get art pencils, to cheap water color, to cheap paint. Then a friend suggested that I try putting the work on canvas, and I never looked back.”

Art began to take a life of it’s own, he explained, and became his therapy. “Every brush stroke revealed every emotion I had locked up for years and caused me to relive them. I became my art and my art became me.”

He believes that rules do not matter in art. “I’ve never been formally trained. Everything I’ve learned has been by trial and error.

“I hope that my art work will remind people that out of tragedy and darkness, beauty can shine — like the rose that grew out of concrete.

“I hope that my work will shine as a beacon to others my age and younger, telling them that there is more to life and that art isn’t a joke as many unfortunately believe. It’s a way to reach pass where they currently are.”

For him, art is a way to escape, to bend reality, and to be used as a tool to speak out about issues that matter.

“I’ve found my path, and I hope to create art that will be thought provoking, inspiring and beautiful as well as therapeutic to my own soul. Yet when it is all said and done, my main hope, is to leave a legacy for my unborn children, nieces and nephews. I want to leave them something they can be proud of, and, hopefully, it will make life easier for them.”

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“Collaboration: Men to Boys Art Expo” is a pop-up show hosted by Bruce Helander, Paul Fisher and A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers with works by Palm Beach County professional male artists including Anthony Burks, Asif Hoque, Daniel Fortune, David German, Eduardo Mendieta, Henry Kaye, Jason JaFleu Fluerant, Jose Gaddi, Ray A. Burks, Renda Writerr with Billy Hitz, Steve Backhus and Steve Brouse.

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