Discover Local Artists: Kocabasi, Perry and Rybovich

Mary Woerner Fine Arts exhibits SST, a group exhibition of finely worked paintings and drawings by three Palm Beach County artists through February 13.

SST stands for the collective formed by the three: Sibel Kocabasi of Lake Worth, Sam Perry of West Palm Beach and Terre Rybovich of Lantana. By working together the accomplished artists push each other to be their best, and to see how much they can achieve in a huge and globalized art market.

Terre Rybovich
Terre Rybovich

“All three of us are unabashed in our pursuit of beauty, and of accessibility in our imagery rather than pure abstraction,” Terre Rybovich said. “Viewed together our works reinforce these unifying strengths and that creates new energy.”

Rybovich invites viewers to step out of their usual mode of thinking and to join her in finding images in the charcoal blurs.

“I begin the process by blackening a large sheet of heavy paper with charcoal, then I lie down naked on the paper to leave an imprint of my body. Here I’ve cut that large sheet of paper into small drawings, which I then detailed with more charcoal and eraser.”

Terre Rybovich’s “Excerpt #1,” is a charcoal on paper, 30 by 22 inches, and priced at $350.
Sibel Kocabasi
Sibel Kocabasi

Sibel Kocabasi’s latest series focuses on the relationship between humans and animals. “I wanted to share my empathy for the animals. I hope people will identify with my subjects and sense the individual personality, the humor and the frustrations

“I have tried to capture in each. In some of the new paintings I have been using a more realistic approach, which is intended to allow to viewer to better connect with the subjects.”

Sibel Kocabasi’s “Your First Cousin,” 6 by 6 inches, oil-on-wood, priced at $380.
Sam Perry
Sam Perry

Sam Perry’s works from his “Starbuck’s Series” depict the feelings that are created during social interaction, he said. “They are about the energy that exists in social settings, more than about likeness.”

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Sam Perry’s, “Untitled,” 9-by-12-inch ink and marker, $400.

Mary Woerner FINE ARTS is at 3700 S. Dixie Highway, #6, West Palm Beach. For information, call (561) 832-3233 or visit

Discover Local Artists: at the Show House

The 2010 Red Cross Designers’ Show House takes up residence at CityPlace South Tower in West Palm Beach through February 20. This year, 18 designers transformed four units on the 19th -floor middle-penthouse level of the 20-story luxury tower. Included in the décor are some works of art by local artists.

In Virginia Courtenay’s rooms, Del Ray Beach resident Bethany Krulll’s work is exhibited. Her work stems from her fascination with the complexity and diversity of the natural world, she said.

Bethany Krull
Bethany Krull

“I am intrigued by the idea of nature as specimen, of  nature as deity, and of nature as art.

“Studies of my own extensive collection of natural objects, these porcelain sculptures aim to evoke appreciation, understanding and reverent reflection for nature in these times of ever increasing disconnection from the natural world.”

Krull's "Seed Pod" porcelain sculpture is 6 by 29 by 5 inches and is priced at $1,100.
Krull’s “Seed Pod” porcelain sculpture is 6 by 29 by 5 inches and is priced at $1,100.
Richard Tobias
Richard Tobias

Also in Courtenay’s rooms are works by Richard Tobias of Delray Beach. His “Open Water” is an installation that consists of 20 individual inkjet photographic prints.

“The force of water is like a magnet,” he said. “With each day’s start, to the east the sea opens to the sun.  I’m fascinated by the constant pull into an incomprehensible, surging power beneath the waves, an untamable force riding the currents.  My photographs reflect images of a mere instance in time of such ever-changing, uncontrollable might.  Figuratively unable to penetrate this roiling surface, at this time we must contend with it as yet another barrier.  One can only imagine the potential of our harnessing such a phenomenon.”

"Open Water" -- Each sheet measures 13 by 19 inches and is printed on Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper (Luster). Each image has been published, signed and numbered by Richard Tobias in a limited edition of 3 and dated 2009. Complete portfolio of 20 (framed): $6,000 Individual prints (unframed): $260.
“Open Water” — Each sheet measures 13 by 19 inches and is printed on Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper (Luster). Each image has been published, signed and numbered by Richard Tobias in a limited edition of 3 and dated 2009. Complete portfolio of 20 (framed): $6,000 Individual prints (unframed): $260.
Jefro Williams
Jefro Williams

Not only are some works of Jefro Willams of WestPalm Beach featured in Veronica Volani Inza, Interiors Division Smith and Moore Architects, but he finished the walls in the living room and bathroom.

“All of my artwork is a direct expression of my soul’s voice – singing a song of joy and freedom,” he said.

"Visions of Eco II" is 54 by 60 inches, milk paint on cotton canvas, priced at $1,500.
“Visions of Eco II” is 54 by 60 inches, milk paint on cotton canvas, priced at $1,500.
Barry Seidman
Barry Seidman

Palm Beach Gardens resident photographer Barry Seidman’s work was featured as part of Joseph Pubillones’ living room decor. “Smoke is ephemeral. It is here and then it’s gone. It can never come back or be the same again,” Seidman said.

"Smoke #24" is a 42-by-17-inch metallic chromogenic print, mounted on plexy, aluminum hanging frame, priced at $2,500.
“Smoke #24” is a 42-by-17-inch metallic chromogenic print, mounted on plexy, aluminum hanging frame, priced at $2,500.

The show house runs through February 20. The CityPlace South Tower is at 550 Okeechobee Boulevard. Hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and noon-4 p.m. on Sundays. Tickets are $30. For more information, please contact Maura Nelson at 561.650.9131, or visit

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Discover Local Artists: ArtPalmBeach

The 13th ArtPalmBeach, a modern and contemporary art fair continues through January 19 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. The fair offers collectors and art enthusiasts a selection of more than 75 international dealers representing both 20th and 21st century artworks by more than 1,500 artists.

Included in the mix are artists from Palm Beach County.

Cheryl Maeder
Cheryl Maeder

Three of West Palm Beach resident Cheryl Maeder’s works are exhibited at Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris, in booth #310.

“My latest work, “Dreamscapes: Far & Away” series was photographed along the coasts of Santa Monica and Venice beaches in California in August, 2009,” Maeder said. “I wanted to put into perspective, the power and infinite expanse of the sand, sea and sky and the part we humans play in this story.”

“Dreamscapes, Far & Away I,” 2/10, 40 by 60 inches, archival ink on canvas.
Yvonne Parker

“Flight of Fantasy,” by Yvonne Parker of West Palm Beach, is on exhibit at International Sculpture Institute’s booth #607. This piece is Parker’s latest and most challenging sculpture in her “Fragmented Beauty” series.

“The work is a celebration of a figurative menagerie filled with infinite possibilities of dialogue, interaction and juxtaposition,” she said. “I invite my viewers to take flight into a phenomenal voyage of fantasy and beauty filled with vibrant orange and red colors, magnificent flora and whimsical characters.”

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“Flight of Fancy” is 6 feet 2 inches by 2 feet and 6 inches, and priced at $ 16,500.

Fair hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Entrance fee is $15 for one-day admission and $20 for multi-day admission. A discounted student rate is offered, and children under 12 are free. The lecture series led by museum curators and experts is open to the public. The Palm Beach Convention Center is at 650 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach. For information, visit or

Builder McKinney responds to Haitian disaster

Builder of multi-million-dollar mega mansions in Manalapan, Frank McKinney is a kind of oxymoron. Today, at high noon (Thursday, Jan. 14), he chained himself to his Delray Beach treehouse, while it was moved 35-feet by a 60-ton crane, to make a statement about “what’s important to fight for,” he said. By mid-afternoon, he had boarded a chartered plane headed to Haiti to help.

The chaining event had been scheduled for weeks, the culmination of an eight-year battle with Delray Beach. It was also to serve as a small fundraiser for his Caring House Project Foundation.

Twelve years and $3 million later, McKinney’s foundation has built 11 self-sustaining villages, with three more underway. “Through the schools and orphanages, the project has touched the lives of 4,500 people,” he said. Now, half of the villages are either completely destroyed or damaged.

So McKinney, whose motto is Compassion with Action, gathered together a handful of search-and-rescue experts, medical personnel and equipment, and arranged for two chartered planes to transport them to the Port au Prince airport.

“My role has been logistics,” he said. “Ours will be one of the first domestics to get in.”

Going with McKinney are a search-and-rescue team, a nurse and a doctor from Colorado, people trained in search-and rescue from Delray Beach, two Creole speaking trained search-and-rescue people from West Palm Beach and a media person.

McKinney’s volunteers will help where needed with search, superficial excavation and medical assistance. They plan to set up tents at the Port Au Prince airport, making it their home base anywhere from 3 days to a week. He doubts that they will get to the villages he helped build. “I think we will be mobbed at the airport,” he said.

I love this

Some lucky birds get to live in Beverly Myers’ purse!

Here are a couple of  shots of her beautiful garden.



On Sunday, Jan. 10, she hosted a tour to benefit The Roger M. Daubach Foundation, an Amyotrophic Lateral Aslerosis (ALS also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) non profit that is raising money to build a respite care medical facility in Central Florida for ALS patients.

Bud Martin

Bud Martin, the foundation’s founder, was enthusiastic about the turnout, and plans more Florida Garden walks.

And garden lovers didn’t mind the cold…

Beverly Myers

At right, Beverly Myers is bundled up.

Bud’s team wore scarves and gloves and guests wore coats trimmed in fur.


Beverly has cultivated her garden on both sides of South Ocean Boulevard in Manalapan. On the ocean side, a beach cabana and deck overlook a field of sea grapes and palms.

Kit Pannel

On the Intracoastal Waterway side, garden paths amid blooming plants, orchids and ancient trees lead down to the water and dock.

Martin, a nurseryman, created the foundation after his business partner, Roger Daubach, died of the disease.

Florida doesn’t have a facility for patients suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and insurance usually doesn’t cover their nursing-home care. “Professional nursing staff on a full time basis can cost as much as $250,000 a year,” Martin explains. “Even with part-time nursing, the primary care giver is often left without the emotional and financial support he or she needs.”

The proposed respite center will provide at least one week of care each year for ALS patients.

Discover Local Artists: Lois Barton at GardensArt

Lois Barton
Lois Barton

GardensArt, sponsored by the City of Palm Beach Gardens, presents “Reconstructed Memories,” a painting and sculpture exhibition by Lois Barton of Jupiter through February 17, with an artist’s opening Wednesday, Jan. 13,  6-8 p.m.

“Trickster” is a 19-by-9 by-8-inch sculpture, priced at $900.

“My mixed media paintings and ceramic sculpture are influenced by my experiences, memories, and of life and the world existing around me,” she said. “People, news events and elements in the environment are reflected and reconstructed in my work.”

“Bright Sun Shiny Day” is an acrylic painting, 36 by 36 inches and priced at $1,100.

She begins her paintings intuitively using acrylic paint, collage and drawings. Her ceramic figurative sculptures are hand built and multi fired in the kiln using slips, stains and glazes.

“Ring Toss” is a mixed media 36 by 36 inches, and priced at $900.

“It is my desire to communicate with the viewer in a manner that allows his or her own interpretation, feelings and experience to be come a part of my work,” she said.

"Young Leda" is a 14-by-11-by-7-inch sculpture, priced at $900.     "Young Leda" is a 14-by-11-by-7-inch sculpture, priced at $900.
“Young Leda” is a 14-by-11-by-7-inch sculpture, priced at $900.

The exhibition takes place in the lobby of Palm Beach Gardens City Hall located at 10500 North Military Trail. This event is free and open to the public. City Hall is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Discover Local Artist: Dorothy Polayes

Dorothy Palayes
Dorothy Polayes

Dorothy Polayes of South Palm Beach is the featured artist at South Palm Beach Town Hall, January 11 through March 3, with an opening reception on Sunday, January 10 from 2-4 p.m.

"Ruby Red" is 26 by 18 inches and priced at $1,000.
“Ruby Red” is 26 by 18 inches and priced at $1,000.

Polayes loves the process of working with pastels and getting her hands dirty. “I find pastels challenging and enjoyable,” she said. “I observe intensely so as to capture light, texture and color, to create a feeling of depth and to highlight the essence of the subject.” That’s why her current show is entitled “Observations,” she explains.

“The Blues” is 26 by 18 inches and priced at $950.
“The Blues” is 26 by 18 inches and priced at $950.

For subject matter, she likes to create “people pictures” and pears because the shapes are sensual. “I go through phases, and get hooked on one thing or another and do a series of pieces relating to that theme.

“I hope people will feel the same pleasure and see the same beauty looking at my works as I feel creating them.”

"Post-Sunset” is 18 by 26 inches and priced at $1,200.
“Post-Sunset” is 18 by 26 inches and priced at $1,200.

Beside the visual arts, she also enjoys performing art, drawing, needlework and crafts. She majored in mathematics with a minor in Art History at Vassar College. She studied at the New York School of Interior Design and at the Paier School of Art in New Haven, CT. She has a master’s degree in art education at Southern Connecticut State College. In the early 1990s she studied pastels with Matthew McCarthy at the Armory Art Center. Her work has been featured in solo shows as well as juried shows. In 1999, her still life, “A Feast for the Senses” was featured on the cover of the Playbill for the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the performing Arts.

South Palm Beach Town Hall is located at 3577 S. Ocean Blvd.,  South Palm Beach. To view “Observations,” please call for an appointment (561) 588-8889.

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