Christmas in Ann Norton Sculpture Garden

The Ann Norton Sculpture Garden’s 5th Annual Festival of Trees, “Magic of the Movies,” is coming right up.

Its Gala Reception is Friday, Dec. 2. (tickets are $225 for non-members) and its seven Community Days are December 3 and 4 and December 7-11, from 5 to 8:30 p.m. ($15 for adults and $5 for children).

More than 30 trees have been artfully decorated, so for good ideas, take a look, and some fun, following are a few of the works in progress. This year, decorators used a movie theme. So, here are the movies – You make the matches…

101 Dalmations, Annie, Balto, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Casablanca, Charlotte’s Web, Finding Nemo, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Gigi, Gladiator, It’s a Wonderful Life, Indiana Jones, King Kong, Looney Tunes, Marie Antionette, Miracle on 34th Street, Music of the Movies, Nightmare Before Christmas, Out of Africa, Pink Panther, Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket, Sandlot, Some Like It Hot, Star Wars, The Lion King, The Teahouse of the August Moon, Toy Story, Up, Wall-E, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Yellow Submarine…

Decorated by Stephen Mooney (and there are no surprises in the boxes).

Decorated by Ted Matz. Don’t you love the mops and feather dusters?

Decorated by Jennifer Garrigues. Airplane makes smooth landing. Other “ornaments” include passports and Indian lanterns.
My Grand Kids’ favorite movie! Decorated by Michael Powers. And to think this whole thing is made from what? silvered plastic cartons?
Decorated by Tom Mathieu, Tracey Large, John Mandeville and Scott Bolden. Every lady who is going places should wear an ornamental ship in her hair.
The decorator is Katherine Shenaman. The dogs are from Melissa and Doug.
yellow submarine
The Decorator is Veronica Volani-Inza. I like the musical note ornaments, and the sub is a nice touch…
The Decorators are Deborah Malle and Angela Wood. A sword coming out of the top looks sharp, don’t you think?
The Decorator is Chad Renfro. Seafans, shells, silvered netting…
Decorated by Melody Smith. When the kids are finished playing with their toys, put them in the tree.
Decorated by Rosarian Academy Fourth Graders. Don’t you love the cut-out monkeys?
Decorated by Cynthia Thomas. Large glass red balls and squiggly sparkly thingamajigs are hard to miss.
Decorated by Joanne Colt. A non-tree, tree.
Decorated y Scott Robertson. And yet another “wooden” tree.
This pink gem will go on top. The tree will be decorated by Patrick Killian.
The Decorator is Maisie Grace. The river runs through it, and another plane lands in the treetop.
Decorated by Rodger G. Chew II and Caroline Forrest. Great way to decorate so that your tree can stay up two months!
Decorated by Isolde Koester. Need some architectural training to build this tree.
Decorator Joseph Publillones is just getting started, but he’s got his topped off (and finished) with a chandelier.
Charlotte's Web
Joseph Pubillones is doing this tree, too. Aren’t his “found objects” terrific?
Scotty Rawley is just getting started, too, but, so far, the gold spray painting is finished.
Decorated by Gil Walsh. Red works nicely for fire hydrants and garbage pails.

The Ann Norton Sculpture Garden is located at 253 Barcelona Road, West Palm Beach. For tickets to the Gala, call Donna at 561-832-5328. Tickets on the Community Days can be purchased at the door.

Photos by Carol Korpi-McKinley

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