Discover Local Artists: works by art educators

At Palm Beach State College, the Palm Beach County Art Teachers Association will feature its art educators in an exhibit, “Artistic Endeavors,” May 14 through September 6 with an opening reception on Tuesday, May 14 at 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Kim Pilla

Tequesta resident Kim Pilla, who has taught in Palm Beach and Martin counties for 14 years, is currently an art educator at HOPE Centennial Elementary School. She works in various art media, but has an obsession for photography that started in a little makeshift darkroom as a 7th grader at Jupiter Middle School.

The subject she chose for this exhibit, the 7th-century Gothic Whitby Abbey, is located on the northeast coast of North Yorkshire on the North Sea.

‘Whitby Abbey 1,’ by Kim Pilla. 20 by 20 inches, photography, $225.

As she walked around it, she was moved by the energy she felt there. She had cameras with her, but she especially loved the effects she produced with an iPhone app. Black and white photography is her first love, and she hoped to capture the details and light of the abbey at sunset.

Brian Kovachik

Brian Kovachik of Juno Beach uses the words “usefulness, interaction, sharing, involvement and history” when he speaks about his work, which is made on the potter’s wheel in various stoneware clay bodies exposed to wood firing processes.

“The emergence of earth tones in colored glazes and slips address visually a relationship between the vessels and the origin of the material,” he said. “There is an immense connection with the past, present and future that I find very gratifying.”

Wood-fired ceramic sake set by Brian Kovachik, $150.

From ancient eastern methods of wood firing to modern day wood firing, this process connects a community of potters with the past, he said. Though formed and manipulated to serve a purpose, he strives to create artistic pieces that create connection and also give their users pleasure. “My works are intended to be used in common everyday rituals such as eating meals, socializing, and aesthetic enjoyment.  I receive gratification from taking form, function, and comfort into consideration as I create works that will connect the user and myself for many years.”

Bonnie Bruner

Bonnie D. Bruner of Palm Springs said her interest in photographic art began with her mentor, Jerry Uelsmann. “It was his experimental style of photography that encouraged me to take the image a step further.

“My artistic challenge is to capture what I see with my camera and transform that photo into my own original work of art. I am always thinking composition, color and shape, as I observe the world through my lens.”

‘New Orleans Door’ by Bonnie Bruner, photograph, 27 by 21 inches, $350.

Gallery Hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  For information, call  (561) 207-5015. The Art Gallery at Eissey Campus is at Palm Beach State College, 3160 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens. The Art Gallery is located in the BB building.

Discover Local Artists: Works by art educators