Discover Local Artists at Cup Runneth Over

Betty Wilson, owner of the Craft Gallery, says “thank you” to all her artists, friends, clients and family who’ve helped her at her gallery. She sent out an invite for pieces of art to exhibit at a special show, “Cup Runneth Over Exhibition and Party,” Friday, Aug. 23 from 5:30 to 8 p.m., and here are some examples of works you’ll see.

Joan Carew of Coral Springs notes she’s forced to create. “There is a force within me that compels me to work in clay. I don’t know where it comes from or what direction it will point me in.” Her latest clay obsession has to do with textures, but all aspects of the process are vital and meaningful.

“Henri,” priced at $525, is a puppeteer and Carew’s tribute to toys.
“Starseed Princess,” by Joan Carew, is priced at $925.

“My current work deals with my life’s journey,” Carew says. “So the pieces are a narrative of sorts, humorous, profound, inane and cherished. I love to introduce found pieces of lost treasures and nature into the finished piece.”

West Palm Beach photographer Durga Garcia will show her travel landscape work in this show. “I love to travel, learn the history of an area, get to know local people, hear their stories and the discover ways to give the viewer of my images the feel of a place,” she says. ” I am very excited and lucky I will be leading photo tours to Iceland and Italy in 2014, and starting this fall I will be teaching at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach  with photographing art, travel photography and photography classes.”

Iceland near Eldborg, by Durga Garcia, 10 by 30 inches, $250
Wales, Harlech Castle looking toward the Irish Sea, by Durga Garcia, 10 by 30 inches, priced at $250

Victoria Rose Martin of Lake Worth says the color, the faces and quirkiness of her work make her smile and  remind her of her childhood. “My work is always about childhood memories. I am one of 11 kids, and we were absolutely mad, running like animals, playing in fields of tall grass, swimming in the lakes and rivers of northern New York. My pieces are about relationships and friendships, the good and the bad.

“Being from such a large family, I didn’t just get hand-me-downs; they were usually handed down from one kid to the next, mismatched and worn thread bare.”

“Dreamers,” by Victoria Rose Martin,  a ceramic work priced at $450.
“Love is Love,” by Victoria Rose Martin, a ceramic piece priced at $375.

The celebration will also feature live music, a glass demonstration with a torch, and refreshments. The Craft Gallery is at 5911 South Dixie Hwy.,  West Palm Beach.  For information, call (561) 585-7744.

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