Discover Local Artists at Palm Beach State College Art Gallery

Ten contemporary South Florida artists will feature their latest multimedia works in an exhibit, “No Boundaries,” Sept. 17 to  Oct. 11 at the Art Gallery at Palm Beach State College’s Palm Beach Gardens campus. An opening reception will be held from 5:30 to 8 p.m., Sept. 17.

Sibel Kocabasi

The internet, digital technology and digital media have become a vast playing field in terms of areas for artists to explore, said Lake Worth artist Sibel Kocabasi, and while she’s interested in those developments, she has  reservations. “There is an issue concerning how one might collect and archive digital art. I have created my own strategies in order to deal with new media works. I am using found photography and found objects for my own mixed media with a very simple camera as a recording device,” she said, explaining that she is not attempting to define a new artistic medium, but to explore new avenues.

Sibel Kocabasi’s “Arthur” is 48 by 72 inches and priced at $5,000.

“This approach, which is new to me, allows directness with a relatively short time from concept to a viewable image, in contrast with my oil paintings,” she said. “The subject matter are the recurring themes that interest or trouble me in my daily life, such as the human impact on the environment ( including wild animals), patriotism, nationalism, war, women issues, and contemporary farming methods.”

Amy Gross
Amy Gross created the “Red Collection,” with embroidery, thread, yarn, beads, fiber, pom-poms, Singles are $150 and the installation is $4,000.

Amy Gross of Delray Beach creates embroidered and beaded fiber pieces that merge the natural observable world with her inner life. “I’ve always been attracted and frightened by things that are in their fullest bloom but on the verge of spoiling,” she said. “There’s such beauty and sadness to them, heightened by the undeniable inevitability of their ending.”

She started mining nature and finding elements in it that paralleled her private world, of life merging into life that manipulated and altered each other. “My elements mimic both the microscopic and the visible. They grow, take over, cling, and  climb, much like those intricately odd plants and spores and insect life along paths and under rocks, those microcosms underfoot.

“My rule is that my objects are not corporeal, they’re imitation. They do not die. They diagram stages of decay and change, but they don’t demonstrate them. They’re a fantasy of human control, impossible but imperative. My making these things will not stop time, but hold things still, selfishly, for a little while.”

Cheryl Maeder

“Le Mer” is West Palm Beach resident Cheryl Maeder’s short film from her “Dreamscapes Series” that were  inspired by her childhood visits to the ocean.

The film, Le Mer,” by Cheryl Maeder is priced at $900.

“I would sit in the back seat, windows open, breathing in the salty ocean air.  This was freedom and magic to me.  Now, years later, the ocean still has this effect on my senses.  I come alive just being near the sea.  Celebrating the music and dance of the ocean, I have created “Le Mer.”

Maeder uses the paintbrush to convey the world as in a photograph, and she, as a photographer, uses her camera as an instrument to convey the world through painterly eyes.  “Part color-field painter, part impressionist and part abstractionist, I want to convey to the viewer the world we see is part of a larger reality. What appears to be clear and in focus is only our perception,” she said.

Both the reception and the exhibit are free and open to the public.  The exhibit is curated by Karla Walter, art gallery specialist at the Palm Beach Gardens campus. “This collection of talented and visually compelling South Florida artists brings a new vibe to the gallery at Palm Beach State College,”  Walter said. “When choosing the pieces for ‘No Boundaries,’ I focused on artists who worked with multiple disciplines, each bringing their own unique take on multimedia in today’s art scene.”

Palm Beach State College’s Palm Beach Gardens campus is at 3160 PGA Blvd. The Art Gallery is located in the BB building, Room 113. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday. For more information, contact Karla Walter at (561) 207-5015 or visit