Discover Local Artists: Talleyrand and Bernay-Roman

Local Arts Group Helps Haitian Organization for Health Services with Art Exhibit and Sale “A Blast of Color”

The Artists Association of Jupiter and Unique Glass Art hosts a monthly open house, “A Blast of Color,”  to raise awareness and funds for not-for-profit organizations. The May event, featuring artists Raymonde Talleyrand, who paints in acrylics on canvas, and digital photographer Lynne Bernay-Roman, will be on Wednesday, May 8, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m,  at A Unique Art Gallery. Proceeds from the sale of art work created by the artists of the AAOJ, will benefit the Haitian Organization for Health Services, a not for profit organization. The exhibit will be on display during May.


Talleyrand said she believed that she was born an artist because of her interest in designs and color from an early age. “My hope is to be a messenger of beauty to the viewer. This is my motivation. I value beauty in nature, photographs and people. I like interesting shades of light and shadows, expressing them on canvas gives me joy.”

The work featured here  is mixed media with acrylic paint, collage and markers. “I wanted to represent the beautiful colors of the marine flora,” she said. The tissue paper  that she used made her expression of colors almost two dimensional, while the markers worked well to define the treasures. “It was a lot of fun expressing my idea,” she said.

Talleyrand was born in Haiti and now lives in West Palm Beach.

‘Sea Treasures’ by Raymond Talleyrand, 20 by 24 inches, $450.

“While my roots are in oil painting, I am a contemporary artist,” West Palm Beach resident Bernay-Roman said.

“Along the way, I added photography, became a psychotherapist, evolved into a photo-therapist. “Now, I am deep into my recent discovery, digital painting; a discovery that has allowed me to combine many of the different mediums that I love.

“The present plight of the bee saddens my heart,” she said, about the piece shown here. “I wanted to express the richness and importance of their presence on earth and their very important purpose, so that it may evoke awareness and action on our parts to make sure they thrive.”

‘Plight of the Bee’ by Lynn Bernay-Roman. Unframed, the size is 12 by 18 inches, and the cost, framed, is $350.

A Unique Art Gallery is located at 226 Center Street Suite 8, Jupiter. For information, call 561-529-2748 or email the gallery at

The Haitian Organization for Health Services is a nonprofit benevolent corporation and 501c (3), which was founded in 1993 by health care workers who were concerned about the deterioration of the healthcare system in Haiti. Its mission is to provide comprehensive services that will promote and preserve the health of the people in Haiti.

The Artists Association of Jupiter is a collaboration of artists who work together to promote the awareness of art and education to the community and surrounding counties. Its venue, A Unique Art Gallery, opened its doors in June of 2010. Learn more about the organization, its artists and programs on the Association’s website,

Unique Glass Art has been serving Florida’s Palm Beach and Martin Counties since 1986 specializing in custom glass etching and carvings for residential, commercial and yachts. For information, visit

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Discover Local Artists: Han Young

Art on Park Gallery features the work of Han Young now through April 29. Young aims to represent his nature, landscape and still-life works realistically in oil and watercolor.

Originally from South Korea, he began painting at an early age, learning to work with watercolors and create pencil drawings at a local art institute. He majored in fine art, graduating from Hansung University with a top award.

“Love Confessions,” Oil, 22 by 28 inches, $ 1200

“I came to America in 2000 to study English,” he said. “I met my current roommate and my first painting here was a watercolor of his saltwater reef aquarium. His sister proudly displays this piece at her home in Sunset Bay, New York. After that, I started to paint realism.

“Cherries and Berries,” Watercolor, 24 by18 inches, $ 500

“Because of this early experience, I became inspired by the beauty of the nature in Florida. I always go for more accuracy in my painting. It was actually kind of amazing to see my artwork look like the real thing. I call it magic.”

Currently, he is working on commissioned paintings, and recently finished a 13-by-11 foot koi pond in concrete stain on his client’s living-room floor. For him, this was a new and challenging experience, but he is happy with the results.

E-Koi Pond-Hand
Han working on Koi Pond

E-Koi Pond-Green Frog
Close up Koi Pond

Young is a member of the Artists of Palm Beach County and Poets of Palm Beaches and he has worked as an instructor at A Unique Art Gallery in Jupiter. “I have had many learning experiences, which have brought me joy,” he said. “I am easily inspired by other artists and I love to inspire others in return.”

Young composed this poem on his koi pond.

Where there are koi,
there are water lily flowers and lily pads
Where there are water lily flowers and lily pads,
there are frogs, butterflies and dragonflies
The pond is breathing its happiness and
the full circle of love

Art on Park is located at 800 Park Avenue, Lake Park. Hours are noon to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For information, call 561-345-2842.

Discover Local Artists at Student Art Exhibition

The 27th Annual Student Art Exhibition, April 9 through May 3, showcases artwork created by Palm Beach State college art students. The variety of work reflects the many art disciplines offered at Eissey Campus: ceramics, digital and traditional photography, drawing, life drawing, applied and digital design, and painting. The student art will also be available for purchase. Following are three artists who are participating, and examples of their works.

Linh Pham

West Palm Beach artist Linh Pham likes to think her  art is based  around patience and elegance. “My main objective is to make art that is soft on the eyes but at the same time I want the viewer to realize my complete attention to detail,” she said.

“Putting a lot of time and effort into one single object to make it grand just makes me that much more satisfied for I think other people also appreciate it.”

“Lolita Cinderella,” ceramic, acrylic, white nail polish, 5 by 5 by 7 inches,  by Linh Pham, $480.
Jose Casado

Greenacres resident Jose Casado draws inspiration from life. “Self-experiences, heard stories, dreams and wishful thinking all combine and mark me,” he said.

“I react to these impressions and see them reflected in my artwork. Sometimes I feel what I need to express and research ways to achieve the representation of that feeling or idea. The process often brings chaos and consumes me for weeks at a time.” As ideas begin to “sprout,” he works on an image or two. As the process gains momentum, he is bombarded by  several images, which he is challenged to bring to life.

“Sprouts,” digital photograph 13 by 19 inches, by Jose Casado, $100
Alysha Wilcox

West Palm Beach resident Alysha Wilcox’s artistic style constantly evolves. “I work with ideas, and as I’m working I usually generate at least ten more. My artwork usually reflects life and the beauty found in it,” she said.

Although ceramics has been her main medium, she has become interested in many media. “My goal as an artist is to make art that people from all walks of life can appreciate. I love it when someone who is not interested in the arts at all has to stop and say ‘wow.'”

“Grey Scale Tiger,” acrylic paint 14 by 17 inches, by Alysha Wilcox, $150

The opening reception is on Tuesday, April 9  from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Gallery Hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.,  and Tuesday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For information call, (561) 207-5015. The Art Gallery at Eissey Campus is at Palm Beach State College, 3160 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens. The Art Gallery is located in the BB building.