Discover Local Artists: Steve Konopacki

Steve Konopacki

The exhibit, Inner Space – large scale paintings by Steve Konopacki, runs through October 7 at the  Jan and Gary Dario Gallery, HU Bldg., Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth campus.

Wellington resident Steve Konopacki teaches college composition at Palm Beach State College, where his classes integrate the techniques of the formal writer with those of the word-painter.

His abstracts are hard to categorize, since he aims for his viewers to go  beyond their rational search for meaning and explore the place within themselves that is without language,  where color and relationships work together.

“The River:Images of Florida impinge while contemplating Manhattan from Edgewater, New Jersey.” 2004 Giclee print,      8 by 9 ft. (original piece, oil on canvas).

“I  invite the viewer into the world where thought has passed from thinking, by capturing the latent silence found in the space between hard-edged shapes and scale,” he said. ” The interpreting mind passes from language-based semantic identification (what does it mean?) towards a stillness…towards still ‘life.’

“Onward Christian Soldiers on Jupiter: Opposing ideas meet where worlds collide.” 2009 giclee print, 8′ x 9′ (original piece, oil on canvas).

“In the movement from recognizable shapes into the surrounding silence, the constantly churning mind —the mind that demands meaning from all things — calms down and accepts the shape as a shape, not what it should become.”

Palm Beach State College is at 4200 S. Congress Avenue, Lake Worth. Gallery Hours are 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For information, contact Kristin Miller Hopkins at (561) 868-3909.

Opening night

PB Post article link, Aug. 30, 2010