Mill Valley

My oldest son, Ted Bonneau, lives with his wife, Tuyen, and their two boys, Max and James, in Tuyen’s family home on Mill Valley’s middle ridge. They reside in the charming main house, which I adore, While Tuyen’s mother, Elaine Roscoe, lives in the newly renovated compact very cute apartment on the first level (Ted is an architect).

It’s really heavenly — the views, the setting, the gardens (and, of course those five of my favorite people!)

Interestingly, years ago, when Ted was five or six, we used to live around the bend in an old haunted house in the redwood forest on Magee. We lived in the crook where the canyon begins to ascend, and Tuyen tells me that she used to bike down our side of the mountain at about 100 miles an hour.

Coming from Florida, and owning a car with gears, it took me a little time getting used to those hills, and once, I remember, I forgot to put on the emergency brake and watched my car roll into the middle of the street — a little further, and it would have ended up in our neighbor’s living room.

I’m going to steal some photos from my son’s sites, and add a link to OXBStudio so that you can see the whole family and their darling house, as well as his other work.

ps: I also came across this site on Mill Valley this morning, which got me thinking about all this.

pps: Here’s an earlier post about Mill Valley.