happy birthday, hannah

I just remembered my dream from last night. I was looking at the night sky and a star was emerging from a crescent moon.

Being birthed, so to speak. I said, Hannah. Look Hannah, you have to see this. Look quickly.

Sept. 10

Sept. 11

Sept. 12

It’s Venus!

September 12 is Hannah’s birthday. How funny that I would be dreaming about night skies and then, to do the research, and see that Venus looked like it emerged from the moon on the tenth, and by the 11 and 12,  Venus was following the moon.

Follow in your mom’s footsteps, Hannah!

I’m not making this up! Happy Birthday, Hannah!

ps. According to earthsky.org:

If you have binoculars, zoom in on Zubenelgenubi. You’ll see this single point of light blooming into a double star. It might be a true binary – two stars revolving around a common center of mass. If so, its orbital period could be as long as 200,000 years.

Ok, I think I have this right now…

Tonight, on the 13, the early night sky, should look like this:

I’m going to check to see if I can see it. Last night, I looked for Cassiopeia in the northeast, but the sky was too bright. Cassiopeia looks like a w or an m depending on the time of night.