cold remedies

Yesterday, at our weekly girls night out, we talked about cold remedies (Martha has a cold).

Martha, ex-Enquire head librarian, had been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia during the Anthrax attacks when Enquire photographer Robert Stevens died; she was being carefully monitored to make sure she hadn’t been infected.

Anyway, when Martha sneezes, the rest of us pay attention.

Martha, thank goodness, says she’s improving, and has consumed gallons of chicken soup (She had to give up her old favorite, some kind of zinc product in a tube –becauseĀ  it was proven to kill your sense of smell.)

Which gets me back to cold remedies (my favorite, by the way, is ColdCalm, a homeopathic medicine, and as far as I know, it’s still ok to use).

I asked my friends: Neti-pot, do you know what that is? Terre and Martha both did. Both use salt water as a kind of nasal wash, without the neti-pot.

I said, omg! this article says you put the spout in one nostril, tip your head a certain way, and the water rolls out the other nostril?

I’ve swallowed mouthfuls of salt water, and had it go up my nose many a time when I was a kid and got knocked down by a wave, but to DO this to YOURSELF, on PURPOSE?

However, I did come up with a catchy advertisement for the thing.

The neti-pot is amazing (and entertaining)! For sniffles, put spout in snout; don’t snort.

ps. I found a picture so you could see what one looks like. If you want to see it in action, you can go to google, put in neti-pot, and click images (I thought I’d spare you).

So, now you’ve smelled them all.

And also, if you find one of these in an antiques shop and think it would make a cute teapot, just remember where this thing has been.