Discover Local Artists: Terre Rybovich, Art After Dark

Take it off.

By her own admission, Terre Rybovich has chosen an unconventional approach to making art. Usually, when you think about creativity and the actual process of drawing, you picture an artist making marks with brushes, charcoal sticks or pencils.

Rybovich, though, reverses the process. She draws by taking charcoal off the paper, using her body as the instrument, which is an extremely intimate interplay (and completely her own invention).

“I use my body, instead of just my hands, because I believe that the body knows things that our conscious minds don’t know,” she said.

On Thursday evening, May 13, as one of the Artists of Palm Beach County featured at the Norton Museum’s “Art After Dark,” she intends to demonstrate her process.

But, don’t raise your eyebrows just yet. Although Rybovich certainly bares her soul every time she creates, she won’t be taking it all off at the Norton.  However, she will give us an inkling of her very private process.

Viewers, though, must engage as well.

Typically, when a work is finished, she leaves the images open-ended and mysterious, because she aims for her viewers to join her in discovering imagery.

For Thursday’s demonstration, her audience will be part of the entire process. She and they will gaze into the unknown together, and transform her initial imprints into imagery.

Collaborating with chance is the foundation of what she does, she explains. “I don’t start a drawing knowing what I want the outcome to be. I start by opening myself to the process, and inviting random, found images (bodyprints) to tell me what to draw. I learn things from the bodyprints.  And they lead me to make drawings that my mind wouldn’t conceive on its own.

Terre Rybovich, daughter of Tommie Rybovich, Palm Beach County’s noted boat designer and builder, follows in her family’s artistic footprints. She has drawn all her life, and has had numerous exhibits throughout the county. She is represented by Mary Woerner of Mary Woerner Fine Arts, 6107 Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach.

The Norton Museum’s “Art After Dark,” every second Thursday from 5 to 9 p.m., offers music, film, special tours with curators and docents, hands-on art activities, a cash bar, and menu options from Café 1451.

General admission is $12. Children 12 and under and members are free.

Norton Museum of Art is at 1451 S. Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach. For information, call (561) 832-5196. To see Rybovich’s finished drawings, visit her site.

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Discover Local Artists: Kocabasi, Perry and Rybovich

Mary Woerner Fine Arts exhibits SST, a group exhibition of finely worked paintings and drawings by three Palm Beach County artists through February 13.

SST stands for the collective formed by the three: Sibel Kocabasi of Lake Worth, Sam Perry of West Palm Beach and Terre Rybovich of Lantana. By working together the accomplished artists push each other to be their best, and to see how much they can achieve in a huge and globalized art market.

Terre Rybovich
Terre Rybovich

“All three of us are unabashed in our pursuit of beauty, and of accessibility in our imagery rather than pure abstraction,” Terre Rybovich said. “Viewed together our works reinforce these unifying strengths and that creates new energy.”

Rybovich invites viewers to step out of their usual mode of thinking and to join her in finding images in the charcoal blurs.

“I begin the process by blackening a large sheet of heavy paper with charcoal, then I lie down naked on the paper to leave an imprint of my body. Here I’ve cut that large sheet of paper into small drawings, which I then detailed with more charcoal and eraser.”

Terre Rybovich’s “Excerpt #1,” is a charcoal on paper, 30 by 22 inches, and priced at $350.
Sibel Kocabasi
Sibel Kocabasi

Sibel Kocabasi’s latest series focuses on the relationship between humans and animals. “I wanted to share my empathy for the animals. I hope people will identify with my subjects and sense the individual personality, the humor and the frustrations

“I have tried to capture in each. In some of the new paintings I have been using a more realistic approach, which is intended to allow to viewer to better connect with the subjects.”

Sibel Kocabasi’s “Your First Cousin,” 6 by 6 inches, oil-on-wood, priced at $380.
Sam Perry
Sam Perry

Sam Perry’s works from his “Starbuck’s Series” depict the feelings that are created during social interaction, he said. “They are about the energy that exists in social settings, more than about likeness.”

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Sam Perry’s, “Untitled,” 9-by-12-inch ink and marker, $400.

Mary Woerner FINE ARTS is at 3700 S. Dixie Highway, #6, West Palm Beach. For information, call (561) 832-3233 or visit