Discover Local Artist: Leslie Grossman

Leslie D. Grossman’s stone sculptures will be seen at The Neighborhood Gallery in Boynton Beach  October 5 through November 5.

Leslie Grossman

Grossman began sculpting seven years ago, following a kind of natural progression, he explained. His mother was a  photo colorist and he started drawing at age 5.  After graduating art school, he  created ads for motion-picture-production companies.

As in life, so in art. “The stones guide me and because I follow their flow, each piece I finish  becomes a living, breathing entity.

“Somehow, each piece knows the person it’s intended for, and when people get their particular piece, it gives them just what they need….hope, joy, love, peace, etc.

“My pieces speak for me, expressing my deepest inner thoughts and feelings. They tell my life story of where I was, who I am, and who I hope to be. They reveal the real me.”

PB Post
“Womb,” Aztec Red Alabaster, 12 by 12 inches, priced at. $1,850.

The “Womb,” above, symbolizes the artist giving birth to new ideas. “The round white ball represents potential birth inside the womb,” he said.

PB Post
“Fleur Africaine,” Tan Alabaster, 8 by 12.5 inches, priced at $1,975.

Grossman let the stone’s flow guide him when he sculpted “Fleur Africaine.” Notice the placement of the knee, for example, he points out. Although not anatomically precise, he considers the lines of this piece representing the female form to be beautiful.

PB Post
“Watchman,” Black Soapstone,8 by 12.5 inches, priced at. $2,050.

Grossman calls the sculpture above the  “Watchman,” because the posture describes someone who is watchfully waiting for something and is impatient for it to happen. “His hair has gotten gray from waiting, and his crossed arms show his frustration,” he said.

The Neighborhood Gallery is located at 422 West Industrial Avenue, Boynton Beach. Gallery hours are  11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. For information, call  Rick Beau-Lieu  at  (561) 736-8181.