stranahan house haunted

i didn’t know this. I saw this on zillow with other haunted houses, and since this is convenient and close by, it’s a good haunted house to know about for a Halloween visit. Here’s the zillow story. for the rest of the haunted houses, here’s the zillow link.

Stranahan House
The Stranahan House was one of several structures built between 1893-1906 along the New River in Fort Lauderdale, FL, by Frank Stranahan.

Frank arrived in 1893 to operate a barge ferry across the river. Soon, he was running other businesses: a trading post, post office, bank and hotel.

He married school teacher Ivy Cromartie and built her a home right on the New River in 1906, the Stranahan House, which still stands today as the oldest remaining structure in Broward County.

Frank and Ivy were considered Fort Lauderdale’s First Family.

This is also where Stranahan’s story turns grim. He suffered from depression and his mental health could not endure a hurricane that devastated his businesses, or the financial effects of the Great Depression.  Stranahan committed suicide on June 23, 1929 by strapping a large iron gate to his ankle and throwing himself into the New River.

There are many reports of Frank Stranahan’s ghost in the Stranahan House, as well as the ghost of Ivy Cromartie. Other ghostly presences include six family members and the apparition of an Indian servant girl near the back of the home. The Stranahan House is now open to public tours. (Photo of Stranahan: Broward County)