I don’t know what kind they are, but I’ll figure it out and fill in later…

This one was so still, I thought it might be dead.

This one enjoyed leisurely flights, and rested from time to time (long enough to get a photo anyway).

These would not hold still for a minute, which is why he’s blurry. Could he be a Zebra butterfly? Yes, I found out, he is.

So, in addition to star gazing and bird watching, I should figure out the names of these guys, as well as the plants in the garden that attract them.

My friend, Mike, pretty well figured out big portions of my garden, but he did get sick of hearing me say I was useless in the plant department. He said, “You have got to be kidding me. It’s easy.”

Well, I wasn’t kidding and gardening¬† isn’t easy. But he shamed me into doing something (As I try to tell my son, you have to start somewhere, so just start!) So, one empty portion of the garden, I decided to fill in myself. I visited a local nursery, Meadow Beauty Nursery, that only sells native plants (I figured they might have the best chance of surviving) and bought things that butterflies like… Carl Terwilliger helped me pick them out.

So, I do get visited by butterflies often. Here’s two more.

Looks like the one on top in this photo is the elder of the two…

And here are a couple of the plants in the garden. I think they are beach daisies and fire bush…

Oh, and another thing. I have a gumbo limbo tree that grows in front of the garage door (makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?). I’ve tried to cut it down, but it grew back anyway. Mike took three branches, and just stuck them in the ground in this little garden area, and yes, they are growing! How about that for resiliency?

For Elisabeth

because I said I would.

Here’s a photo at dawn…

early morning palm beach county

The furniture belongs to Dennis, who lives upstairs. Somebody had left behind the cement seat (and the flower pots), so, I inherited them. Somebody painted the cement patio blue and its the most heavenly shade of blue! Other colors from previous paint jobs show through.

We tried to put grass in the little areas behind the tree. It died. So, now, we have a couple of different kinds of ground covers trying their best to fill in. One is going crazy. The ornamental peanut, though, is having the hardest time, but I refuse to give up on it.

I really do think the garden is enchanted, and I have no idea why…

wind mill

And above, is the picture of one of the garden areas taken at dusk…

This thing, it looks like a giant pinwheel. Mike found it. We had gone to buy some bamboo for the front, and he noticed it at a garage sale on his way to meet me. He said, you have to see this. It would be terrific in your garden.

I agreed. That surprised him. So, then we had to figure out a way to load it in the car. Bleeding hearts have grown all over it, and have rooted it to the spot. I love that it’s all crooked and rusted.

I dream about your garden, he told me.

Anyway, this old garden, Mike figured out how to coax it back.

The plan was there, it just needed to be filled in with the right things. I knew Mike could do it…

Stress-buster:garden, 7 in the morning

I know my garden is messy. and old. But i enjoy the mishmash. What about that orchid? not bad for someone who has no garden know-how. The delightful thing flourished in spite of me! The other gorgeous plant to the left was a gift. it needs some tender loving care, but I don’t have a clue, and it’s so pretty anyway. The crown of thorn is also flourishing, but, alas, in these times, that doesn’t surprise me.

And another piece of good news. Mosquitoes no longer like me!