Discover Local Artist: Dorothy Polayes

Dorothy Palayes
Dorothy Polayes

Dorothy Polayes of South Palm Beach is the featured artist at South Palm Beach Town Hall, January 11 through March 3, with an opening reception on Sunday, January 10 from 2-4 p.m.

"Ruby Red" is 26 by 18 inches and priced at $1,000.
“Ruby Red” is 26 by 18 inches and priced at $1,000.

Polayes loves the process of working with pastels and getting her hands dirty. “I find pastels challenging and enjoyable,” she said. “I observe intensely so as to capture light, texture and color, to create a feeling of depth and to highlight the essence of the subject.” That’s why her current show is entitled “Observations,” she explains.

“The Blues” is 26 by 18 inches and priced at $950.
“The Blues” is 26 by 18 inches and priced at $950.

For subject matter, she likes to create “people pictures” and pears because the shapes are sensual. “I go through phases, and get hooked on one thing or another and do a series of pieces relating to that theme.

“I hope people will feel the same pleasure and see the same beauty looking at my works as I feel creating them.”

"Post-Sunset” is 18 by 26 inches and priced at $1,200.
“Post-Sunset” is 18 by 26 inches and priced at $1,200.

Beside the visual arts, she also enjoys performing art, drawing, needlework and crafts. She majored in mathematics with a minor in Art History at Vassar College. She studied at the New York School of Interior Design and at the Paier School of Art in New Haven, CT. She has a master’s degree in art education at Southern Connecticut State College. In the early 1990s she studied pastels with Matthew McCarthy at the Armory Art Center. Her work has been featured in solo shows as well as juried shows. In 1999, her still life, “A Feast for the Senses” was featured on the cover of the Playbill for the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the performing Arts.

South Palm Beach Town Hall is located at 3577 S. Ocean Blvd.,  South Palm Beach. To view “Observations,” please call for an appointment (561) 588-8889.

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