Take it up a Notch

Yesterday, Palm Beach interior designer Joseph Pubillones was kind enough to allow me to take some before and after photos of one of his projects.

The question was, how can you create the most impact with a smallish budget?

Well, he told me, he had just finished such a project. His client has redone her apartment, and although it was pleasant, it was too “matchy matchy,” and she wasn’t happy with it.

With many windows, the unit does catch some lovely Intracoastal views. Furnishings are traditional and nice quality and the green and coral color palette are quite Florida. Pubillones, though, was asked to add some pizazz. So, he added pillows, put a huge floral arrangement on the sideboard, changed out a few accessories, placed a sculpture on the coffee table, and tilted a chair…

A taste of wine, and a lampshade change
A taste of wine, and a new lampshade!

He also changed out lampshades.

close in cc
Make those colors pop!

Interestingly, Pubillones chose to add some pillows in a shade of wine, muting the color scheme, but adding some nice contrast at the same time.

Makes me want to take a closer look at my own home, for sure! I’d get rid of my granny collection of pillows, if I could, but i can’t…they are gifts, and what else would I do? Paint that darn table, for another thing! And would I really be able to add some plantsĀ  in those wonderful French wire antiques my mother gave me, and keep them alive? Perhaps I should try…