Discover Local Art: at artpalmbeach

Some of our local artists exhibited at artpalmbeach, Jan.24-28.

“Danseur Royal” by Eduordo Gomez

Eduardo Gomez of Jenson Beach was one of the artists exhibiting in the Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum’s booth. His bronze is called “Danseur Royal.”

He often sculpts dancers, and this one, he felt, had such quiet dignity. “I was at a university art show and I saw this beautiful dancer. I asked him to model for the sculpture class I teach and he agreed.”

The Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum is at  373 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta. Phone: 561-746-3101.

Maquette by  Ann Norton

At Ann Norton Sculpture Garden’s booth, a maquette of Norton’s that will serve as a model for the proposed city gateway to be erected on Okeechobee Boulevard (part of an Arts in Public Places project) was displayed. The West Palm Beach City Commission approved the project last August. Groundbreaking  is to take place within the next three months.

Norton died in 1982. “Ann always referred to her sculptures as gateways,” says Kevin Clark, president of the sculpture gardens’ board. “They all are some kind of portal or gateways for the mind.”

Also, offered for the first time for sale are limited edition prints of her works.

The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens is at 253 Barcelona Road, West Palm Beach. Phone: 561-832-5328.

Jefro’s “Wink Ladybird Wink”

To do this kind of work, “gives me discipline, satisfaction, joy. It’s more about living in the now,” he says.

Rosetta Stone Fine Art is at 1001 Jupiter Park Drive, Suites 121 and 122, Jupiter. Phone: 561-743-3340.

Other local artists who exhibited at artpalmbeach include Cheryl Maeder through Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris.

Galleries at artpalmbeach showing the works of local artists include Art House 429, West Palm Beach; Whitespace, West Palm Beach.

Local galleries or studios include Lars Bolander Designs, West Palm Beach and Neustadter Gallery, Delray Beach.

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