Christmas Tree 2


Remember Cameron? Well, I’m beginning to think it wouldn’t be Christmas without Cameron.

Last year, he greeted me with open arms encircled with wreaths. This year, he was watering trees when I arrived at Christmas Tree Towne in Boynton Beach.

I had talked to him on the phone minutes earlier. (Again, this is the last minute, and I just want to smell the good smell of Christmas trees.)

“Do you have any Charlie Brown trees?” I asked.

“What, you mean you want a dead tree?” Cameron responded.

“No. I want a little tree.”

“Oh, sure. We have some. We have all kinds. Live ones. Dead ones. Brown ones. Big ones. Little ones.”

Last year, I asked him for tips. This year, he’s out of tips. Nothing new in the tree tip department. But….

“So, where are the dead trees?” I asked, while he was putting my Charlie Brown in a stand.

“Out back,” he said.

“Can I see them?” I asked. “Do people really buy dead trees?”

“Some do,” he said. “Some people come in looking for ugly trees.”

(Do you think he’s telling me the truth? Laura Graham said she’d buy that kind. She feels sorry for things like that.)

While looking at the trees not doing so well (that’s him above inspecting one of them — and they are priced about $20) — I noticed some woe-begone looking trees in the adjoining bin.

“What are those?” I asked.

“Yeah. They do look pretty bad,” he said. “But here’s one that will come back to life. It’s a Scotch pine — not as pretty as other trees, and Scotch pines don’t smell as nice, but they’ll last forever.”

(Do you believe him?)

So, this year’s tip for picking a tree that will last the season… buy a dead one, or a Scotch pine.

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