Discover local artists: artpalmbeach

There’s still time… artpalmbeach runs through January 23. And you’ll see some familiar faces (and canvases) there!

So, quickly, so that you can go rather than read about it…

At JF Gallery:


William Finlayson, “Disenchanted”

Co-owner of JF Gallery William Finlayson said he’d been thinking about how to have some fun with the Disney font, when an acquaintance joked about being enchanted. Put DIS in front, and that would be a great word to play with using that font, he thought. So, here you have it — a mixed media on panel, 17 1/2  by 16 inches, $4,400.


Chisolm, “Layers in Time with Warm Reds”

Part of Chisolm’s Layers in Time series, Chisolm explained the makings of his “Warm Reds.” “What you see are layers of runs. I paint on plastic and cover my work with epoxy for the high gloss.” Price of this piece is $7,000.


Sibel Kocobasi, “Black Dot Come”

Sibel Kocobasi explained that she had just finished a series with animals, and, adopting a vegetarian diet, she needed a break, and this painting is part of it. What’s next? We’ll see…”Black Dot Come is priced at $6,400.


Jacek Gancarz with “Disposable Lighter Repair” and “Horse and Lion. Both are limited editions, 1/6, and $3,500.

At Whitespace, Jacek Gancarz was lounging about… Most likely, he’s thinking deep thoughts. As he has written (and photographed), so it is… “A blissful feeling comes over me as I wander through neighborhoods, looking and making pictures. Sometimes I connect with my subjects in the intimacy of their homes or sidewalks and realize there exists a reassuring sameness of character, one that is adaptable and resilient, regardless of status or location.”

And here’s some work by Ellen Liman, owner of Liman Gallery.


Ellen Liman with “Still Life Fruit,” oil on canvas, 72 by 48 inches, each is $7,000.

Because of the scale, she said, her colors are bold and her strokes are loose. “I love texture, heightened color, figurative paintings. Like Cezanne, I’m trying to honor the flat surface and add dimension.”

And from other places at the show, and just because…

ArtPalmBeach’s fair schedule encompasses  events, special exhibitions, topical lectures, special museum tours, site specific art installations, art performances and VIP programs. The fair runs January 20th-22nd from noon – 7 P.M. and January 23rd from noon – 6 PM. Tickets can be purchased at the door, $15 for a one-day ticket and $20 for a multi-day ticket.

For more information on ArtPalmBeach exhibitors and programming, travel accommodations, and additional exhibition openings, please visit or call 239.949.5411.

Photos by Carol Korpi McKinley

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