Discover Local Artists: Afloat in Miami

The SeaFair became a floating art fair, for the 3rd edition of Miami International Art Fair, now through January 16. Docked at 100 Chopin Plaza, Miami, it’s “housing” 28 international galleries, including a couple (Art Link International, Lake Worth and Arcature Fine Art, Palm Beach) from Palm Beach County, as well as one of our “local” artists (sculptor Edwina Sandys).

Miami International Art Fair aboard the SeaFair

Along with artwork by a host of well known artists, Art Link also featured the work of a Miami artist, Daisy Papp.

Daisy Papp and Howard Brassne

“Daisy’s work takes common imagery and brings it to life in a way that creates excitement in viewers,” said gallery owner, Howard Brassner. Two of Papp’s large Marilyn Monroe works were on exhibit, as well as a sculpture.

Papp’s rendition of Marilyn

Papp’s work features a variety of glamorous “Lady” icons from the past, and believes that with their passing, an era passed as well. Too bad, she said, while ladies listening in looked askance. “Women today could learn from them.”

In any case, Brassner has a Marilyn piece living in his home, and it makes him feel good just to look at it, he said. “It’s got a sensuality as well as sexuality about it that’s exciting and relaxing.”

Among other works at Arcature Fine Arts, Ryan Ross is featuring artists John Chamberlain and Hal Buckner at the fair, who share a booth of their own.

Over the years, Ross has collected many pieces by Chamberlain, who died Dec. 21, 2011, and is known for his colorful crushed, bent and twisted automobile-part sculptures. He once said: “I think of my art materials not as junk but as garbage. Manure, actually; it goes from being the waste material of one being to the life-source of another.”

Hal Buckner

Artist Hal Buckner does another twist on metal, and an opening of his work, “Hal Buckner: Cutouts,” is on January 20 at Arcature in its Palm Beach Gallery, 6-8 p.m. An RSVP is requested…Most of us know Edwina Sandys… From her site:

“A New Yorker by choice and marriage, Edwina Sandys was born and raised in London. In 1969 she considered standing for Parliament, which placed her squarely within her family’s tradition. Not only was her father the British Cabinet Minister, Duncan Sandys, but her grandfather was Winston Churchill. It is telling that these major political figures were both talented artists. Through her richly varied life experience, Edwina is uniquely situated to create work related to the global issues of our time.”

Edwina Sandys

“Your life is your art. It’s you canvas,” she said, and that pertains to everyone.

The Miami International Art Fair, on the SeaFair, is located at 100 Chopin Plaza, docked at the Intercontinental Hotel adjacent to Bayfront Park. Hours are noon to 10 p.m. Jan. 13-14, noon to 7 p.m. Jan. 15-16. A one-dy pass costs $15.

For information on the fair, and events surrounding it, please visit the fair’s site.

Photos by artist Carol Korpi-McKinley

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