Small Business Help 4 Free

Last August, after Amy Woods and I launched, we consulted with business anaylst Sharon Geltner at Palm Beach State University’s Small Business Development Center in Boca Raton.

We are letting you all know that she’s now available for consultation in Palm Beach Gardens, as well. Due to popular demand from north county businesses, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) will now offer FREE social media consulting from the PGA campus of Palm Beach State College (PBSC) – Administration Building.

Sharon Geltner

Sharon critiqued our North County Current Web site and our facebook page, and implementing her suggestions helped us give it a more professional look.

Personally, I owe Sharon a Big Thank You… I can say that she forced me to go to a deeper level with WordPress, and I am not a PHP person. I learned about sticky posts, and that my WordPress theme has a spot for quick edits, helping me really clean up our site. I also learned a lot more about Plugins and Widgets. It wasn’t all that bad, and didn’t take me so long once I tackled the projects (so there is hope for you, too!)

She advised us to tweak our bios and headlines (I am still resisting on the headlines. my bad…)

SBDC, hosted by PBSC in Palm Beach County, offers professional expertise consulting and workshops to small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them succeed in both the domestic and international marketplace. All SBDC services, including help in the areas of finance, business plans, incorporation, taxation, publicity are social media, are FREE.

Sharon will be in Palm Beach Gardens on Thursdays, starting Jan. 5. Phone for your appointment now, through Ted Kramer at 561- 862-4784 or email Sharon at

Now, a bit about Sharon: She has won awards for newspaper reporting, publicity, corporate communications, videography and online media campaigns and her clients have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, and Check out her You Tube video, “The Fat Lady Has Not Sung: Why the Internet Needs the News,” about how search engines rely on daily newspapers.


Sharon is president of Froogle PR; an Internet marketing, online reputation management and SEO firm.

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