Discover Local Artists: Justin Lambert

Ceramics at Live Oak Pottery Ceramics Studio


Justin Lambert of Live Oak Pottery Ceramics Studio is hosting his Third Annual Anagama Kiln Opening and Holiday Sale, on  Sunday, Dec. 11 from  11 a.m. to 3 p.m. His studio is located at 17847 Brian Way, Jupiter.

To find out what anagama means and to see all about wood and soda firing (very interesting) go here.

Lambert makes functional pottery and likes to set them in groupings (just like how we pair off or join groups — or don’t — in life). “The interaction of my pots lead to certain scenarios alluding to the ideas of companionship and solitude,” he said. “Some pots need a companion and others need to stand alone. Some pieces that are presented in pairs lead to the idea of lifelong relationship. Without one of the pieces, the piece will not serve its intended purpose and may visually look incomplete.”

Also, he believes, groupings of bottles or cups invite the viewer to slow down and take notice of the subtle diversities in form and the infinite variety of surface texture and color attainable through the wood and soda firing he employs.

He is particularly interested in high alumina clay bodies in both wood and soda firing.  “I reduction cool these kilns to achieve deeper colors and palettes relatively unexplored by our ceramics community.  Frosty, dry, movement-rich, glazed surfaces provide information for future work, and my careful analysis of surface-to-form integration provide insight to new formulas and firing schedules.”

Lambert is influenced by all functional pottery, but is very interested in pottery from Southeast Asia, Oceania and Africa. “Their honesty, simplicity, necessity and beauty are qualities I strive for in my own work,” he said.

For more information, call him at 561-676-5453.

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