Mill Valley Holiday

I got to go away, and visit beautiful parts of this world. So, for fun, here are some shots taken in Mill Valley…

Mill Valley Fall//

I did a lot of walking. Don’t trust myself on those roads anymore, although while I lived there, I didn’t think twice. Saw my old house — ghost, I’m told, still lives there, although I am long gone.

Those redwoods are magnificent; the brooks make me feel so tranquil, and the homes, nestled in the canyons or perched on the side of the hills are stunning. There’s no other word for it.

To get here and there, as a walker, in Mill Valley, there are all kinds of right-a-way steps up and down the hills. On a house off one, there were chickens pecking about the yard — and a bee keeper was taking care of a hive. About half way up  this little stairway was an altar to Buddha, and, at the top, a swing hanging from a limb that the kids adore…

Oh, and going down is a lot more fun than climbing up!

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