Discover Local Artists: Requirements

Just wanted to put all this in one spot for those of you local artists who want to have a story both here and uploaded to the pbpulse site.

In order to “sign up,” just to let you know I have to make sure everybody gets a fair shot at it, so please contact me and see what I have scheduled and get the AOK before you go to all the work to get your material together for me.

For uploading to the pbpulse site, you must be local (Palm Beach County) and your work must be original, for sale, and on exhibit in some public place where people can visit.

Here’s what I need from you AND I NEED EVERYTHING, so are you willing to go the whole mile?

  • I need your bio or artist statement. I don’t need your resume because a bio or artist statement is more personal and can be used as a quote. If it’s a solo exhibit, give me a paragraph on the body of work that you are currently exhibiting as well as an explanation of the jpg of your work that you will be submitting to me. If you have a site, please send it along because I can include it.
  • You will need to submit to me three pieces of your work. I need the title, medium, dimensions, price. Size of the jpgs, no bigger than 600 pixels across, and 72 dpi.
  • I also need a headshot, the town in which you live, and all information about the exhibit and the gallery. I need the exhibit’s name and dates. If there’s an opening night, I need dates and time. Gallery information needs to include the name of the gallery, address, hours and days of operation, contact phone number. All this info would be emailed to me at

If this is a gallery show, giving me the above info for three artists works nicely. Obviously, I won’t need as much text. just a oneliner about the work exhibited, why the artist is doing that kind of work or some little explanation about the piece submitted ought to do it (I can use this info as a quote).

If this is a solo exhibit, I need something that will work nicely for the text part. Here are questions that I would ask you if I was doing a face-to-face interview, and may help you in gathering what I need for the text part…


1. In what town do you live?
2. What is your favorite medium?
3. Why did you choose it?
4. What is your usual (or favorite) subject matter?
5. Where do you do your work?
6. Does your exhibit have a name? Is it your latest body of work? or does it relate because of a particular theme? What connects the pieces on exhibit?
7. Why do you like what you like — for the images you have attached and are exhibiting, explain how the subject matter impressed you, tell me the story behind them, what inspired you?

ONE OTHER THING: Since this is a free service (I am not paid by The Palm Beach Post for this and i have umteen other jobs for other papers that are deadlining),  the above requirements must be followed to a T so that I can do this very quickly (I wish I had more time to play with this, because I like doing this, but I don’t.)

To get the whole thing going just email me that you will commit to giving me everything that I need as quickly as possible without fuss, muss or stress, and we will be good to go! If you don’t know how to do the above, let me know, and I will find someone (who you’d pay) who can help you.

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