Discover Local Artists: at Lars Bolander

Lars Bolander on Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach is featuring the work of Alice and Allan Ryan through May.

“Hippo in Water” by Allan Ryan. 52-by-25.75 inches, framed

Allan Ryan is an animal portraitist who is partial to animals in the wild. Tamed by his pencil techniques, they approach us, engendering smiles. He sees images that attract him, he explained.  Take the hippo, for example, it’s definitely got a sparkle in its eye and an appealing personality, don’t you think? Allan nurtures a human affection for our beastly brethren.

large white peony
“Peony” by Alice Ryan. 35-by-27 inches, framed.

Alice Connick Ryan works in oil, pastel and watercolor. “When I look at something, I always see it in many different ways and end up painting  from my mind rather than from direct observation,” she said. Broad vistas, the flatness of land, the odd seeded cedars and the ever-changing sky are all subjects that captivate her. She is interested in capturing beauty, serenity, odd shapes, vegetables, rocks shells and the whole gamut of nature.

Lars Bolander is located at 3731 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For information, call (561) 832-2121.

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