Don’t call em cowboys

In Florida, they are cowmen.

The Cracker Association puts on a cross-country ride every year on the Cracker Trail, starting in Bradenton, and ending in Fort Pierce, with overnight camps at ranches along the way.

Every year, I say I’m going, and then, when I tune in, find out I missed it. Well, this year, I at least made it to the parade.

What a day! I went with Carol, who couldn’t figure out what all the commotion was when we arrived first thing Saturday morning. “The police lights are blinking. How come those cars aren’t pulling over?”

Seemed we made it just in time, and were actually part of the “parade” of horse trailers on their way to the staging area. We followed them in, hung around during staging, and got a ride into town, and ended up being part of the parade, again. Carol practiced her parade wave…

When we finally got on the road again, we ended up being in another procession out of town.

Seems like the day was about being in it, rather than about it.

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