Mill Valley at Christmas

This is a true Christmas town, with all these redwood slat and shingle homes set amid huge redwoods, all it’s missing is snow.

mill valley house
In the canyon

and there were reindeer in a paddock in the backĀ  of the science museum in San Francisco!

looking from tower
The Academy of Science as seen from the Art Museum tower

I had forgotten how cold it can get in San Francisco. We saw plenty of rain and gray skies, but that didn’t stop us.

Here are some interior views of the science museum.

under water
He’s just strolling around saying hi!
jelly fish
These jelly fish were having a blue Christmas.
art museum
Art Museum

Martha said this was a must see, and of course, I always do what Martha says. The architects, Herzog and de Meuron, are quite the rage now. Note how the tower lines up with the mass of the main building. And unfortunately, the show, and exhibition of Impressionist paintings from the Musee D’Orsay, was sold out.

I was missing nature, sounds of rushing water, trees, the scents of moss on the rocks and deep forest. Want more of that on my last day (which is today).

rushing water
In the canyon
Looking up through the redwoods

We had fun, too. One of our first days here, we went to the House of Air, one big trampoline. Here’s one picture in motion, and one at rest.

House of air
Jumping around
a moment of stillness
Sitting out for a second
max christmas
Christmas Max
james christmas
Christmas James

We did have a happy holiday!

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