Discover Local Artsts: art basel

went down on a sunday afternoon. took some photos to share.


Professor Rodewald went with me to offer insights… I’ll ask her to add some comments…

Sound suits

Another version — Nick Cage’s Sound Suits are still at the Norton. Saw them in action. impressive.


This is multi-layered and actually dimensional.

up close

Center panel was made entirely of stickers. side panels were built out somehow.

Complete with water sounds

This moves (the views outside the windows). and from what i can recall, it included the sound of water lapping… am i remembering correctly?

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones

You do agree, don’t you?

And princesses shouldn’t fall asleep so easily

Don’t you agree?

And I’m partial to blackbirds
And here’s a partial of a blackbird

Go here for sound effects.

ok. i don’t have a clue

Michael’s a fourth mousquetaire?

pieter breugel

Breugelesque, don’t you think? Beate says no. Should be Hieronymus Bosch…

Magic Carpets

On wheels…

At dusk, and in honor of Cheryl Maeder

And here’s a last thought. Across the street from the Bass Museum.

Storm Troopers and Einstein

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