Alternative Homes: Blob

a comment on the site, designboom, where I found this, dmvA: blob VB3, says it was hatched  by Krups engineers. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Trouble is, looks like if I chose this for my home, I’d need a couple very large geese to help me get it around. Or maybe a crane.

An ongoing joke I have with my kids — Why not live in a trailer? My mother suggested it to me when I was 22, and I thought she was out of her mind. However, I’m beginning to come around. So, now, it’s come full circle — and my kids say to me, Why not live in a trailer?

This one is kind of cute. I especially like how it looks in a rural environment (does it have a garage for the tractor? or are the owners just visiting?)

Does not have windows (although the whole front hinges up. And I do think I’d want a real bed. And how DOES hard-boiled housing like this hit the road? Doesn’t look very mobile and I’d probably needed a commercial vehicle operator’s license.

Think I’ll keep exploring alternatives.

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