Just when I thought my brain could not stand another thought, along came this.

Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From.

So, if anyone can complete this idea, feel free.

Last night, to try to run away from all the stuff, I went over to Isabel’s house. I’m watching over it, and have permission to hide out there from time to time. I dreamed that people dressed up in Sunday finery were walking through her back yard in the direction of the road, which is behind a cement wall and lots of trees. Then a bride walked hurriedly through, and a little later a Rabbi (who, strangely enough, I recognized). Ok, your turn. Double Rainbow! What could this mean?

3 Replies to “Ideas”

    1. She didn’t look like Chelsea, but, she was walking fast and away from me, so I couldn’t really see who it was — no one I recognized, anyway. but I like the idea of the simplest is best solution… what did you think about the video on creativity and connectivity? interesting, i thought..


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