Hot Dog Heaven

Went to my sister’s yesterday for a birthday party cookout for Jake.

Taken by a friend of Alison’s (I think, but maybe Sam?)

For lunch? Hotdogs!

Give me mine charred to perfection, on a slightly toasted fresh bun, topped with a dollop of mustard!

Oh, so bad! But it goes right past the blood-brain barrier (a term I learned this week while doing research for an article on cocaine, specifying a part of the body in the neck and shoulders region. If you want to read my entry about Cocaine, go here.), bypasses the cortex (the thinking part of the brain), and hits the pleasure center (where neurons and neurotransmitters impatiently await) dead on!

Now, I could have been good at dinnertime, because I did have Swizz chard and two artichokes already cooked in my refrigerator. But what did I do? I went straight out for pizza.

And to make it worse (or better, depending on how you look at it), today is Sunday, so I’m starting out with a cafe mocha to be followed by… I don’t know what yet, but it’s going to have to be good (figuratively speaking).

ps. I saw something hopeful yesterday, I don’t know where — some article that talked about healthier foods to replace totally unhealthy ones. For ice cream (which, they pointed out, has over 600 calories), instead, you could eat an ice cream sandwich (about 160 calories).

Does that sound reasonable?

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