oh, i love this!

I loved trying to catch these when I was little when we lived summers on a farm in New Jersey. I’d put them inĀ  bottle, watch them for a while and let them go! Oh, I miss fireflies!

Here’s a whole site devoted to fireflies.

I’ve never seen them here in Florida, but, flitting around the site above, there’s a map on firefly sitings, and someone said they saw them at Oscar Scherer State Park in Osprey, first time in more than 25 years.

I found this — people do report seeing them here in South Florida. And, it seems, fireflies and lightning bugs are the same.

I want to go on a firefly lighting bug quest! Here are some more Florida sightings.

Here’s the address to build a jar of fireflies, but you have to suffer through commercials first. These are little LEDs and a chip of some kind.

2 Replies to “Fireflies”

  1. I love fireflies. None here in Florida. I’d be all over that like a duck on a junebug. They were so long ago I’d seen them as so many other precious things from my past.


    1. Fascinating, weren’t they? I also strongly remember the call of the Red Wing Blackbird; spread out in the grass listening to the flies buzz around; sitting on the fence, spitting cherry seeds as far as I can; wandering through rows of corn; the smell of newly baled hay; watching a ground hog go down a hole and going after him with a shovel (to no avail) and swimming in the water trough. So many wonderful things to do, while doing nothing, but I don’t remember a duck on a junebug.


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