David Willson

David was kind enough to respond to my mind meanderings, yesterday. I “met” David at least ten years ago, through his columns that I posted in the Shiny Sheet for the real estate section. David comes from Palm Beach pioneer families.

Not too long ago,  I asked him about those stories and his family, and here’s what he said:

George Wells Potter and Ella May Dimick (niece of Cap Dimick) were my great grandparents. Their daughter Marjorie married Jack Willson, son of Layton Abbot Willson who had come to this area after settling in Kissimmee first.

Richard Potter (first doctor in south Florida) was George’s brother. George went to art and engineering school in Cincinnati and did most of the paintings and illustrations with the articles. The photos were from a view camera that he and Richard had. George went on to be one of West Palm Beach’s first bank presidents, first aldermen and mayor in 1910. He also co-founded Lainhart & Potter building supply company with George Lainhart.

I was attempting (in the Shiny Sheet series) to create an impression of what life was like 120 years ago on Lake Worth, based on the stories and collection passed down in my family.
To see David’s present work, check out his facebook page and his online porfolio. He was thinking to put up the old articles about pioneer life in the county, but I don’t think he’s done that yet…


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