Discover Local Artists: Lidia Tohar

Lidia Tohar celebrates the opening of her new gallery in Delray Beach on Friday, Sept. 3, at 7 p.m.

Her colorful intuitive drawings and paintings, influenced by her Caribbean heritage, exude energy, movement and sensuality.

“In the past, people have called my work bold and free, because I draw the female form,” she said. “I describe my work, which celebrates the beauty of life, as  playful.”

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“Freedom, an acrylic on canvas, 15 by 25 inches is priced at $900.

Tohar was born in Cuba in 1964. Her family fled the Castro regime when she was 7 years old and resettled in Hollywood, CA, where she was raised.

Following a career in fashion retail, her art changed focus after traveling in Europe where her interest in fine art emerged. Inspired by her travels and following her return to the United States, Tohar embarked on her studies in Illustration at Otis Parsons in LA, and later Parsons Art Institute, in New York.

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“Time Travel” is an acrylic on canvas, 11 by 14 inches, priced at $500.

“Art is magic energy that jumps into the canvas, creating stories that come together with lines, textures and forms. It is a fantasy feast for the soul.

“Last October, I was faced with a major health crisis, which I view as another reason to believe in the miracles in life. It’s important to go for our dreams. If you can dream it, I believe that you are halfway there.”

The gallery, Studio 101, is at 12 S.E. 1st Avenue, in Delray Beach. On opening night, there will be entertainment with live music, wine and hors d’ oeuvres. For information or to make an appointment to visit the gallery, call Tohar at (561) 330-9540.

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