Learn a language

yeah, right!

Sounds like a great idea, and want to try it out eventually. But not today.

Here’s the article from the New York Times

and here’s the link to the Livemocha web site.

Update, December 2017
Livemocha is no more. I have been studying Spanish for a little over a year now. I am using three apps, and have taken classes, and visited Guatemala a year ago. I am using Duoliguo, Mango and Anki. I also have Quizlet and SpanishDict on my phone. I spend a little time every day on it, with the end game to go to a Spanish-speaking country and live there for a couple of months… We’ll see how long THAT plan takes…

Livemoca es no mas. He estado estudiando espanol durante un poco mas de un ano ahora…

I am us

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