Discover Local Artists: How Sweet It Is!

Do you crave something sweet?

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach?

4-by-5-foot Banana Split
Carol Korpi-McKinley

If so, wet your appetite (and feast your eyes) on artist Carol McKinley’s “Junk Food” creations: enormous 10-foot tall ice-cream cones, 4-by-5-foot boxes of maxi-candies and humongous cake rolls, banana splits, and patisseries…

…which are on exhibit at the Lighthouse Center for the Arts’ exhibit, “Multiple Sins” through September 25.  A reception is scheduled for Thursday, June 17, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

She paints to elicit joy, she explains. “I used to do more serious paintings to work out my angst, but after I was done with them, I never wanted to see them again.

3 by 5 foot Ice cream sundae

“How can you not look at an ice cream cone and not feel happy?”

Most of her “Junk Food” canvases, she said, are representational of the “artist’s obsession with idolizing a single object and making an icon of it.”

Also, she adds, it allows her to indulge her sweet tooth. For her candy paintings, for example, she went through almost four boxes. “That added up to several dozen chocolates.”

Her “Junk Food” series started out because she wanted to send a card to her husband, John, who’s

crazy about sugar. They were dieting at the time, she recalls, and she decided he’d really like to have some ice cream.

“I knew that would make him happy, so I bought eight gallons and 30 toppings. I’d photograph the concoctions – ice cream melts too fast for still lifes — and he’d eat them when I was done.”

3-by-5-foot Ice Cream Cone With Cherry on Top

That was eight years ago. Recently, though, she quit smoking, and started a diet to lose a couple of pounds, and sure enough, that precipitated another “Junk Food” phase.

“I do seem to supplement this series every few years when I go on a diet. On an unconscious level, I guess I can justify eating my reference material.”

(McKinley loves sugar, but she’s not stuck on it.

She also paints landscapes, abstracts and animals.

Carol and John, by the way, are trim. They mostly dine on veggies and health food. – except on the weekends…)

Prices of her original canvases range from $4,800 to $15,000. Large-scale limited edition archival prints range from $1,450 to $1,620.

Also featured in “Multiple Sins” are Barry Seidman’s series of photographs, “Drinks” and “Smokes.”

The Lighthouse Center of the Arts is at 373 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta. Hours are 10 a.m. through 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday. All events are free to members and $5 for nonmembers.

For information, call (561) 746-3101.

4-by-5-foot Box of Chocolates
4-by-4-foot French Pastry Window

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