Seth says

I can’t help myself. Work has been long and hard and tiring. So Seth’s words motivate me. Recently, he put up one of his lectures for free.  In this post, I love what he says about obedience (no), compliance (no), generosity (yes), creativity (yes).

Here’s Seth’s link

Makes me stop and think about what I was doing when I was four years old, when, he says, we were all geniuses (we get talked out of this inborn “expertise,” by the way — we go to school and learn compliance).

Makes me want to ask myself each morning, “What am I afraid of today?” and do that… Better to fail, and fail often, rather than never do create work at all.

That competency is not enough.

He talks a lot about “shipping,” which means getting the work done and sent off to the client.

…That all work can be “art.” Do what you love. Navigate the uncharted water.

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