Discover Local Artists: Students Collaboration

Collaboration, a concept created by artists Anthony Burks, Sr., Trina Slade-Burks and Barbara Cheives with educator Lea Jefferson, offers opportunities for art collectors and professionals to view art in an inhabitable space, alternative space or business.

Quenesha Hall is in 12th grade 12 Alexander W. Dreyfoos, Jr. School of the Arts. Her mixed media “The Forgotten” is 8 ¾” by 12 inches and priced at $195. Quenesha will be attending Palm Beach Atlantic College next year and hopes to major in art therapy.
Level Lawrence is in 12th grade 12 Alexander W. Dreyfoos, Jr. School of the Arts. His acrylic on canvas, “Watching You” is 36 by 48 inches, priced $1,300. Upon graduation, Level is very interested in pursuing a career as an illustrator or would love to work for a gaming company.
McKinley Wallace III
McKinley Wallace III is a presently a Junior at A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts. His main passion includes figurative work that tells a story; artwork that involves a memory of his or a subjects that a too difficult for him to express in words. By not being able to explain his thoughts through words, he manages to create a voice from his work. McKinley is very interested in joining his love for drawing with a medical career, perhaps as a medical illustrator. He intends to continue producing his personal art in his studio while pursuing his career.”
Raymond Burks
Raymond Burks is in 8th Grade at St. Juliana Catholic School. His artwork, “The Great Race” is a 22 ½ by 30 inches mixed media, priced at $360. Burks comes from four generations of artists in his family maternally and two generations paternally. “The Great Race” was inspired by artist Jacob Lawrence’s “Runner” and was created for a salute to the Harlem Renaissance program hosted by the sorority, Delta Sigma Theta. The piece represents happiness and fun in life that everyone should experience, Burks explains. His hope is to be accepted at Suncoast Community High School or Dreyfoos School of the Arts.

Its purpose is for artists to intermingle with buyers one on one and develop a personal relationship without a third party facilitator.


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