Discover Local Artists: The Art Attic at Liman Gallery

Liman Gallery in Palm Beach is currently featuring some local artists in its Art Attic gallery, including Elle Schorr of Lantana, Cynthia Gardner of Palm Beach Gardens and Sonya Gaskell of Jupiter.

Elle Schorr
Elle Schorr

Elle Schorr, who has lived in South Florida for about ten years, still feels like a lucky traveler, who has been gifted with the time to look and to explore.

“I consciously seek out this juxtaposition of cultures, life styles, and times in our lives. Some of my images appear to be photo collages or photo montages, but they are, in fact, single photographic images.”

"New Development"
“New Development” is a photograph 18 by 24 inches, priced at $500.

Others are more direct in their approach, she said, but all explore the dualities and multiple incongruous impressions that bombard us.

Cynthia Gardner
Cynthia Gardner

Cynthia Gardner hears her paintings called audacious, bold and color-filled.  “I love the texture of the paint and to create tactile experiences that present my subject in a new way.

“My art is playful, rich with color and tries to reach out and shake your hand! I paint to experience joy and to transform the challenges of daily life to a world full of color, vigor, and optimism.

"Dale's Back Yard"
“Dale’s Back Yard” is an oil painting, 18 by 24 inches, priced at $1,500.

“I strive to create that experience for my viewer. My primary love is plein air oil painting.”

Sonya Gaskell
Sonya Gaskell

“Dune Shadow” began while Sonya Gaskell was taking a dip in the ocean and looking for a shady spot to start her second painting of the day. “I began looking at the shadow being cast by the dune as shelter from the sun. Then I looked at it as subject matter, observing the hot bright sand from within the shadow.”

The main subject matter consists of several large shapes of the core and cast shadows of the dune juxtaposed with illuminated beach, sea and sky. Once she had made strong observations of the relationships between the large shapes of color, she began mixing regions of paint on her palette. She blocked out large shapes using thick paint with the flat of metal painting knives, and then, she used a wet-on-wet technique sliding the edge of the blades to flesh out details.

"Dune Shadow"
“Dune Shadow” is an oil on board, 8 by 9inches, priced at $450.

“Although I paint many longer paintings taking days, weeks or months, this painting was finished in under two hours and received no studio work. A perfect Zen moment in which the landscape, painter and observers experienced a visual accord. This for me is what it is all about.”

Liman Gallery is at 139 North County Road, Palm Beach. Hours are 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. For information, call 561-659-7050 or visit its Web site

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