Discover Local Artists: Laura Ann Jacobs

Laura Ann Jacobs
Laura Ann Jacobs

Laura Ann Jacobs’ current “body of work” explores the extent to which we let fashion take us, and how far we are willing to go for it. Corsets, pointy shoes and other uncomfortable clothing are made even more stiff, prickly and unwearable in the sculptural form. Yikes!

Art Link in Lake Worth is currently showing Laura Ann Jacobs’ painted resin and mosaic tempered glass sculptures..

She is also represented permanently at the Karen Lynne Gallery but her pieces are temporarily on loan to Art Rouge for Sculpt Miami.

“Skirting the Issue” is 42 by 33 inches, priced at $16,000.

“We are so willingly led to obsequiousness, whether by clothing that contorts or doctors who cut, and I’ve seen more of it here in South Florida then ANYWHERE else!! Women have it good these days with so many ways to make themselves look better, but our desire to be desired is also a slippery slope,” Jacobs said.

“Another Evening Awwt” is 17 by 11 inches and $4,000.

It used to be corsets, hoop skirts and foot binding, then makeup and hair dying. Now, she said, “it’s fat sucking, silicone injecting, and skin lifting until you can blink a lip or have your belly button at your sternum.”

“Survival of the Fittest” is 22 by 16 inches and priced at $7,500.

Restricted from top to toe by more than just the garment now, our very own bodies are paying the price of societal persuasion, she said. “Understanding the sway that even I myself feel to conform, my work pokes fun at the lengths we women go to attract ‚Ķ while paradoxically glorifying it.”

Art Link International  is at 809 -11 Lucerene in Lake Worth. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Jacobs will also be exhibiting at the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art, & Antiques Show at the Palm Beach Convention Center, February 12-16.

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