Discover Local Artists: Bart Barchat

Bart Barchat
Bart Barchat

Fine artist S. Bart Barchat is the featured artist at Lake Park Library for December 2009.  A New York native, Barchat has traveled the world with his watercolor palette capturing the vistas and the seasons. His watercolors will be featured along with his figurative drawings. The exhibit will run through December 30. The Lake Park Library is located at 529 Park Avenue in Lake Park.

Barchat of North Palm Beach is an artist with a passion for nature, both landscape and people. “My watercolors are from around the world,” Barchat said. “Some are from the Northeast, where I grew up, while others are from my travels, such as Greece, Spain and, in America, the National Parks and Florida, of course.”

“Falls At Manitoga” is 26 by 20 inches and priced at  $800.


His style ranges from the near abstract, in such subjects as the turbulence of sea and rocks in Maine to a more literal approach in depicting Florida’s palm swamps, the wooded areas of the Northeast and Long Island’s back-bay dunes.

“Twin Palms” is 15 by 22 inches and priced at  $300.


For more information, call the Lake Park Library at (561) 881-3330 or Bart Barchat at (561) 630-9212

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