a little about the wordpress api key

in case you don’t know.

I have three blogs, all are what is called “self hosted.” That means that each of the blogs are attached to my three sites, and you don’t get to them through wordpress. One of the blogs was receiving a ton of spam. and I could not get the spam plugin to work, because I couldn’t find any wordpress api key on my admin or profile pages. Here’s what I found out. The key that I needed was on my wordpress account. I had to log in using my user name to wordpress, and voila, i found the key.

Sounds simple enough. However, it took some thought. I have three user names and two emails attached to my blogs. If I were to change a password, did that mean that I would bollux up my accounts? Well, I’m glad to report, no.

So, life is sweet, short and simple. today at least.

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